Keywords:Communication, conflict, tension, non-verbal communication, respect
Languages:English, French and Spanish
Methods:Online, Onsite
Duration:2x 6hours
Target Audience:Teachers, Educators, Managers,




  • O1: Learn to identify what in a communication situation promotes the relationship and what, on the contrary, causes tension, resistance, even violence.
  • O2 :  Identify one’s own capacities of reception, listening and verbal and non-verbal communication in the respect of the other and of oneself.
  • O3: Practice improving communication skills.
  • O4: Develop quality non-violent communication in your work environment. Improve listening to foster collaboration.


  • Yes, given by the teacher

Teachers: Paulina Aguila

Integration with other modulesY
E-learning supportY
Available at distanceY
Available in placeY
Integrated with supervisionY
Available in coaching modeY

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Fees: 2×650€ + transport if applicable

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