• Tools for project management

    Keywords: project design and management, new technologies, Erasmus+, evaluation of projects and quality management. Languages: EN, IT, FR Methods: e-learning Duration: 6-24 hr Area: HR, quality and project management Prerequisites Basic knowledge of project management, basic knowledge on project evaluation, average skills on using online tools Objectives Facilitate the activity of project management through online… Continue reading Tools for project management

  • The Logical Framework Approach (LFA)

    Keywords: application for subsidies, quality control, project design, Languages: French , English Methods: M1, M2 Duration: 3 hr Target Audience managers and project leaders Prerequisites Competences in Excel Objectives O1: being able to understand and fill the templates of the LFA O2 : being able to present and share the project on a structured way… Continue reading The Logical Framework Approach (LFA)


    Keywords: social networks, web, cyber bullying, communication, violence Languages: English, French and Spanish Methods: Online, On site Duration: 2×650€ Area: Teachers, Parents, Families, Educators… Prerequisites None Objectives O1: Better understand people’s attitudes and move towards sustainable behaviour change. O2: Update and/or deepen our knowledge in the use of the internet and social networks. O3: Communicate… Continue reading SOCIAL NETWORKS: USE AND DANGERS


    Keywords: School bullying, cyberbullying, harassement, youngs, Languages: French, English and Spanish Methods: Online, onsite Duration: 2x6hours Area: Trainers, teachers, educators Prerequisites No Objectives O1: Exchange of good practices and expertise between participants. O2: Understand the phenomenon of harassment and the consequences that result from it. O3 : Work on life skills for behavior change. O4:… Continue reading SCHOOL BULLYING AND CYBERBULLYING

  • RTS+ Reintegration through sport

    Keywords: CT, Sport, Motivation, Skills Languages: ITALIANO, ENGLISH Methods: Online Duration: 12 hrs Area: Sport and spare time Prerequisites Basic experience in TC or outpatient treatments. (Personal) experience in sport activities Objectives Learn how to integrate sport activities in TC environment Know the principles of the life skills approach and implement activities to foster awareness… Continue reading RTS+ Reintegration through sport

  • Prison-Based Therapeutic Communities in Proyecto Hombre (Spain)

    Keywords: Prison Treatment, therapeutic communities Languages: SP, EN Methods: Webinar Duration: 2 – 4 hours Area: Managers and therapists working with people with drug use disorders in conflict with the law Prerequisites Experience in therapeutic communities model. Objectives O1 – To know as a case study: the TTCC approach in prison settings in Proyecto Hombre… Continue reading Prison-Based Therapeutic Communities in Proyecto Hombre (Spain)

  • Prevention in the dark web era

    Keywords: Internet, dark web, prevention, Languages: EN, FR, IT Methods: E-learning, webinar Duration: 2-4 hr Area: Prevention, Addiction Prerequisites Experience in prevention activities, basic knowledge of the Internet Objectives To understand the main principles of the dark web and how it is affecting addiction and drug abuses. To be able to integrate specific strategies in… Continue reading Prevention in the dark web era

  • History of the TCs

    Keywords: pioneers, democratic, hierarchic, Languages: French, English Methods: Online, On site Duration: 3 hours Area: TC staff, students, Prerequisites none Objectives O1: understanding of the cultural context in which TCs have grown O2 : identification of the main aisles : democratic / hierarchic / third generation of TCs O3 : fundamental principles of TCs Syllabus… Continue reading History of the TCs

  • COURSE 1: La communication non-violente

    Keywords: respect, gestion de conflits Languages: Français Methods: Présentiel, visio-conférence Duration: 6 Area: Communication Prerequisites aucun Objectives O1 : donner des outils O2: nnnnn O3: nnnn Syllabus SY1 SY2 SY3 SY4 SY5 Teachers: Natacha Delmotte Integration with other modules Y E-learning support Y Available at distance Y Available in place Y Integrated with supervision Y… Continue reading COURSE 1: La communication non-violente


    Keywords: Communication, conflict, tension, non-verbal communication, respect Languages: English, French and Spanish Methods: Online, Onsite Duration: 2x 6hours Target Audience: Teachers, Educators, Managers, Prerequisites None Objectives O1: Learn to identify what in a communication situation promotes the relationship and what, on the contrary, causes tension, resistance, even violence. O2 :  Identify one’s own capacities of… Continue reading BENEVOLENT COMMUNICATION