Prevention in the dark web era

Keywords:Internet, dark web, prevention,
Languages:EN, FR, IT
Methods:E-learning, webinar
Duration:2-4 hr
Area:Prevention, Addiction


Experience in prevention activities, basic knowledge of the Internet


  • To understand the main principles of the dark web and how it is affecting addiction and drug abuses.
  • To be able to integrate specific strategies in prevention activities and campaigns


  • Deep web and dark web differences and meaning
  • Access to dark web, tools and risks
  • What young people can find in dark web
  • How to protect children from the risks
  • How to educate parents, teachers and educators
  • Resources and materials

Teachers: Andrea Ascari

Integration with other modulesY
E-learning supportY
Available at distanceY
Available in place
Integrated with supervision
Available in coaching mode

Fees: Individual fee 20-30 Euros – Discounts and customized edtions for institutions and groups

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