Tools for project management

Keywords:project design and management, new technologies, Erasmus+, evaluation of projects and quality management.
Languages:EN, IT, FR
Duration:6-24 hr
Area:HR, quality and project management


Basic knowledge of project management, basic knowledge on project evaluation, average skills on using online tools


  • Facilitate the activity of project management through online tools and methodologies aimed at total quality management.
  • Learning the use of specific tools for collaborative project design, project management, reporting of activities.
  • Support the PM of complex project, in low-budget conditions, with international or complex networks.


  • Tools for cooperative design of social projects
  • Document flow management
  • Reporting tools
  • Databases
  • Survey tools and evaluation tools
  • Cloud solutions and customized platforms
  • Budget management
  • Communication among partners
  • Management of dissemination activities
  • Support to sustainability
  • Evaluation
  • GDPR and personal data management
  • Security issues

Teachers: Annalisa Pezzini, Andrea Ascari

Integration with other modulesY
E-learning supportY
Available at distanceY
Available in placeY
Integrated with supervision
Available in coaching mode

Fees: Individual fee 50-150 Euros – Discounts and customized editions for institutions and groups

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