Keywords:Addiction, training, help
Languages:French, English and Spanish
Methods:Online, on site
Duration:2x 6 hours
Target audience:Teachers, all trainers




  • O1 : Update and/or deepen the knowledge of participants in the field of addiction and more specifically the consumption of licit and illicit products: tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, social networks, internet, GSM, video games, …
  • O2 : Question and overcome the prejudices that one may have about products and their uses in order to better understand situations related to consumption
  • O3 : Address the subject of the possession and use of products from a global perspective, centered on the person, his development and his life course
  • O4: Help participants to play a coherent role,  framing and structuring the people who take drugs, help them in their role of teachers but also in their personal vision.


  • yes, the syllabus will be given by the teacher

Teachers: Paulina Aguila

Integration with other modulesY
E-learning supportY
Available at distanceY
Available in placeY
Integrated with supervisionY
Available in coaching modeY

Bibliography and references:

Fees: 650€ per day + transport if applicable

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